Managed Services

A new breed of managed security.

Effectively protecting your business’s most valuable information assets demands the right combination of people, process and technology.

Unlike any other Managed Service Provider (MSP), Wardn focuses on more than just managed technology. Leveraging years of experience advising and delivering the regions largest data protection programs, Wardn managed security services work with customers to develop and constantly improve processes, and provide business enablement services which are critical to successfully reducing risk. 

A key focus of our Managed Security Services is the flexibility to address the requirements and risks your organisation is facing immediately, whilst ensuring a prioritised, risk-based approach to continuous improvement and maturing your security capabilities into the future.

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Balancing the risks of data breaches vs business impact

Organisations globally are encountering big challenges when implementing effective data protection strategies and the tools that enable them. Technologies such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Classification and Rights Management require high interaction with the business, which means mistakes are highly visible and often cause impact to business operations when implemented and operated incorrectly.

The main challenges we see businesses facing include;

  • Information Security and Project Teams must engage business areas at previously unheard-of levels compared with other common security controls
  • Implementing Data Protection solutions requires introducing new processes for every employee, from graduates to the CEO
  • Off-the-shelf software and solutions create thousands of false positives without significant constant effort and tuning by experienced resources
  • IT Security teams struggle to achieve and retain necessary head count and skills to operate these tools effectively and without business impact

Cost savings built on automation, not offshoring.

There are many implications to offshoring, especially when it comes to your organisation’s sensitive and confidential information. Unfortunately, there are little alternatives for decision makers with tight budgets and the ever-growing threat landscape.

Wardn managed security services solves this problem leveraging our extensive specialist experience to automate low-level tasks which drive down operational costs. This allows us to provide consistent quality services at competitive prices in comparison to traditional MSPs and offshore service providers.

In addition to cost and efficiency savings, this also allows us to offer value-add features or custom integration that are key to enabling successful, mature Data Protection programs:

  • Security Integration and Automation
  • Workflow and Orchestration
  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Trained People, Managed Process

Wardn’s managed security services also manages your relationship with your stakeholders.

  • Reap the benefits of improved visibility and relationships for you and your team within key areas of your business
  • Reduce the risk of noise from key business areas, through regular working groups and engagement
  • Training and guidance for business staffs involved in remediation processes and workflow

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