Advisory & Consulting

Unsure how to address your compliance or risk requirements?

It is common for organisations to be unsure of how data protection controls, such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Classification and Information Rights Management (IRM) fit into their overall Information Security strategy and how to implement them in a way that will fully address the business drivers, such as regulatory compliance or business risks.

Wardn has guided countless businesses through these times of uncertainty. Our Consultants work alongside your team from day one to assess your existing business requirements, policies and environment, and develop a plan tailored to your organisation following a prioritised risk-based approach.

Some of the key activities at this stage that Wardn provide include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Strategic Roadmap and Planning
  • Process Governance
  • Vendor and Product Selection

Practical experience, pragmatic advice

Our approach has grown our advisory and consulting services year-on-year entirely through word-of-mouth and demand without the need for a team of sales staff.

Leverage our expertise and experience to help you understand the risks to your business-critical data. First, Wardn identifies gaps and broken business processes, and then we help you develop an organisation-wide data protection strategy, build sophisticated data protection and privacy solutions, and maintain your organisation’s data protection environment.

Our consultants have assisted projects of all sizes — from advisory workshops, initial risk assessments, and deployments of fully integrated data protection solutions to ongoing management and continuous improvement.

Data Loss Prevention

Cloud Data Protection

Data Classification

Encryption & Rights Management