Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Organisations are producing, using and storing data in more ways than ever before, putting significant pressure on decision makers and information security teams on protecting their business from the risks of financial & reputation harm, as well as regulatory discipline.

The average cost of a data breach has risen to over $4 million, a cost which is directly proportional organisational capability and procedures on how to effectively recover a breach.

Because of this, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is quickly becoming a mandatory security control to prevent accidental and malicious data leakage before it even happens, or to respond to it quickly to mitigate the cost to the business when a data breach does occur.

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Nothing beats experience.

Wardn is the leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) services in Australia, boasting a team consisting of the region’s top subject matter experts. We’ve acted as advisors to and delivered the largest and most complex DLP deployments in the region, and are regularly engaged by leading DLP software vendors to achieve the best outcomes for their most important customers.

Some of the major DLP projects for organisations within Australia and New Zealand our team has provided DLP advisory, design and implementation services to include;

  • Multiple major Australian financial services institutions and their subsidiaries
  • Several tier 2 Australian financial services institutions
  • Multiple tier 1 federal government departments
  • Several tier 2 federal government departments
  • Multiple large companies in the resources sector, including both oil & gas and mining.
  • Multiple large medical and health organisations
  • A large Australian airline
  • A large Australian retailer
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